Regional Workshops

The GREASE consortium plans to convene stakeholder workshops in four regions on three continents. Conducted under Chatham House Rules, our workshops will bring together stakeholders from different countries to discuss their experiences and challenges with religious diversity through constructive and respectful dialogue.

Our regional workshops were originally scheduled to take place between February and August of 2021. Planning is now on hold pending further developments in the coronavirus pandemic.

Regional Workshop 1 – Rabat, Morocco

  • Bringing together experts and stakeholders from the MENA region and Europe to discuss factors driving radicalisation among youth and ways to counter it.

Regional Workshops 2 and 3 – Sofia, Bulgaria and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

  • Involving stakeholders from Eastern Europe and South Asia. The aim is to bring together people who usually do not talk to each other and who have experienced religious diversity very differently. They will consider shared challenges and different approaches to addressing them.

Regional Workshop 4 – London, UK

  • Focusing on models for building resilience against radicalisation and religious violence, this event will bring together stakeholders from Western and Southern Europe, the MENA region, Turkey, South Asia and Australia.