GREASE Indicators: Toolkit

This is the Toolkit section of GREASE’s info package on state-religion governance indicators. For more, please see our Overview, Comparative Insights, Visualization and Country Assessments.

The GREASE Indicators Toolkit is a practical instrument for assessing state-religion relations, governance of religious diversity and violent radicalisation. It is designed for use by experts in producing country-level assessments. The aim is to enable policymakers, scholars and civil society to monitor developments and trends.

Applied properly, the GREASE Toolkit allows users to transform complex data and academic knowledge into a logically structured informative report. It was created with diverse national contexts in mind, drawing on the experience of GREASE’s international team of scholars. Conceived as a long-term monitoring instrument, the GREASE Toolkit is intended to be applied at five-year intervals.

The Country Assessments featured on the GREASE project website were generated using the GREASE Indicators Toolkit.

Essential information about what is measured by the GREASE Indicators Toolkit and how is found in the GREASE Indicators Metrics Brief.
Expert acquaintance with the subject matter described in the Metrics Brief is required to conduct any assessment using the Toolkit. Our Toolkit and Metrics Brief should be downloaded together and regarded as a single package.