Concept Papers

Below are three papers laying the conceptual foundations for the GREASE research project. Written by members of our consortium during the project’s initial phase, these Concept Papers explore issues at the core of our investigation: governance of religious diversity, state-religion relations and religiously inspired violent radicalisation.

This paper seeks to develop an analytical reflection on the normative basis for state-religion relations and the governance of religious diversity. It is also a sociological reflection on viable forms of religious diversity governance. Read more

This working paper offers a conceptual framework for exploring the relationship between radicalisation, religion and violence. In doing so it reviews the role of religion in radicalisation theories and delineates three main schools of conceptualising radicalisation. Read more

This paper looks at the relationship between nationalism and religion against the backdrop of the rise of more fervent and exclusionary forms of nationalism discourses across the world in the last decade. It discusses Europe (including specific countries within Europe) and three important countries where nationalism has been growing, in different guises, in the new century: Turkey, Russia and India. Read more