Second Project Meeting

On June 17 and 18, 2019 representatives from all 12 GREASE partner institutions gathered for a second project meeting in Florence. Aside from being well attended (an achievement in itself, given the consortium’s globe-spanning footprint), the meeting was also quite productive. Hosted by our coordinating partner at the European University Institute, the meeting provided consortium members the opportunity to solidify the project’s conceptual framework and discuss the preliminary findings of our research covering 23 countries.

One highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the GREASE Concept Papers, which were e-published in May (see the “publications” section of this website). Valuable in themselves for brilliantly illuminating GREASE’s challenging subject matter – religious governance, state-religion relations and radicalisation – the Concept Papers are crucial for the project’s further development as they provide the conceptual foundations for implementing our other work packages.

A large part of the meeting was then devoted to presenting and discussing the preliminary findings of our research on GREASE’s trio of subjects in 23 countries. The presentations revealed a broad range of models and typologies, illustrating significant differences both within and between the various geographical regions covered by the project. These findings will be published later this year in the form of 23 Country Reports and a corresponding set of less detailed Country Profiles.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for partners to be updated on current dissemination and training activities. Participants picked up stacks of GREASE’s new trifold leaflet for distribution at conferences and events. We were briefed on the development of GREASE’s social media networks and shown plans to vastly expand blog outputs through cooperation with a third-party platform. We were updated on the status of GREASE’s film productions as well. The meeting coincided with the launch of the project’s first online course (MOOC) exploring the topic of  religious governance.