The GREASE project presents two globe-spanning documentaries on religious diversity and radicalisation.
Religion and Society and Countering Religious Extremism are available now on our special GREASE FILMS website. They can also be watched on our YouTube channel.

What are the two films about?

Religion and Society looks at the world through the eyes of 12 people living in diverse faith communities around the world. They explain how religion shapes their lives and what role they see it playing – positive or negative – in their country. This documentary provides a compelling mosaic of minority-majority relations and the challenge of governing religiously diverse societies. Running time: one hour.

Countering Religious Extremism addresses the vital tasks of preventing and countering religiously inspired or religiously attributed violent radicalisation. Just under 30 minutest long, it looks at examples of organizations effectively engaged in this effort in multiple cultural settings. While exploring what kind of measures are useful, the film also looks at what counts as success in combating violent extremism and how religious figures can play an important role in combating it.