Publication of GREASE Concept Papers

31st May 2019 all-day

Three Concept Papers:

I. On state-religion relations
Characterising the different models of state-religion relations and the governance of religious diversity, this Concept Paper will outline GREASE’s analytical framework with regard to state-religion relations in Europe the MENA region, South and South-east Asia and the Asia-Pacific. Lead author: Tariq Modood, University of Bristol.

II. Unpacking the relationship between religion, radicalisation and violence
This Concept Paper will consider the historically normative value of religion in the different countries and world regions examined. We pay special attention to the emergence of recent radicalised religious movements that seek to reform or restore religiously narrated visions of the future on the basis of diagnosing contemporary ills in the present for which radical reformation or transformation is seen as the antidote. Understanding this diagnostic relationship between religious movements and socio-political mobilisations, in both their prosocial and antisocial dimensions, is a key task within the project. Lead authors: H.A. Hellyer of RUSI and Michelle Grossman of Deakin University.

III. On multiple secularisms
A reflection on multiple forms of secularism. As secularism is highly contextual, this Concept Paper will examine contextual variables – multiple modernities and forms of radicalisation. Special attention is paid to the interaction between internal, local/national socio-economic dynamics and international politics and global power and symbolic hierarchies and the overall confrontation between ‘the West’ and ‘Islam’. Lead author: Anna Triandafyllidou, EUI.